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The Transcendent Farmer podcast is designed to inspire and empower farmers and future farmers with the latest information and resources related to human design, manifestation, high-value market channels, intergenerational healing, and more.

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Purchase Your First Farm and Engage With These Programs to Support Emerging Farmers In Minnesota

diciembre 21, 2023

Join Jenny Heck, Lillian Otienno, and Patrice Bailey with your host Emily...

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Cultivating Success: Join Emily Krekelberg’s Insightful Journey through Farm Safety, Livestock Education, and Mental Health Advocacy

febrero 29, 2024

Emily Krekelberg, a seasoned Extension Educator at the University of Minnesota, specializes...

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Mejorar el sistema agrícola a través de alianzas y cooperación con Jose Oliva, HEAL Food Alliance

marzo 2, 2024

Únase a José Oliva, de HEAL Food Alliance, y a la presentadora...

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First Podcast

Hops, Food Policy, and Taking Care of Yourself with Eric Sannerud

marzo 3, 2024

Join Transcendent Farmer host Emily Reno and guest Eric Sannerud for an...

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Grasp life’s essence in youth rather than waiting, with Kent Sheer

marzo 15, 2024

Join Emily Reno and Kent Sheer, of Green Island Preserve, for an...

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