Grasp life’s essence in youth rather than waiting, with Kent Sheer

Join Emily Reno and Kent Sheer, of Green Island Preserve, for an engaging conversation around rural living, making a living off of your farm when not located near an urban area, his involvement with research on back-to-the-landers in the 70s (as one himself!) and tips for finding access to land in rural places you might not have thought of.



Transcript Excerpt:

Kent Sheer’s life unfolds as a captivating narrative set against the backdrop of post-war America, a time of unparalleled comfort and optimism. In his upbringing within the vibrant suburbs of Midwestern cities, Kent experienced a world vastly different from today – where sunny days and neighborhood camaraderie were the norm, and even the toughest childhood scuffle merely resulted in a black eye.

College was a phase Kent navigated with less vigor, steering clear of the tumult of war but grappling with existential questions in his early twenties. A pivotal moment arrived when Kent embarked on a vision quest at Bald Butte, seeking clarity but finding no immediate answers. Subsequently, he retreated to a secluded cabin in the forest, embracing the beauty of nature amidst life’s challenges.

Inspiration struck in unexpected places for Kent – from the mesmerizing strains of Atsuma’s “Obeah Man” to the profound teachings of Don Juan in “The Yaki Way of Knowledge.” His quest for spiritual enlightenment led him to Haiti in pursuit of a wanga, a charm from Bodun, only to return home guided by fortuitous circumstances.

Kent’s commitment to environmental stewardship manifested in the decades-long project of cultivating a new forest on the family farm. With a vision spanning centuries, he aimed to nurture a haven of ecological richness for generations to come.

Exploring realms of mystical consciousness and spiritual wisdom, Kent confronted the paradoxes within various religious doctrines. Through his journey, he arrived at a profound realization – the essence of love, the imperative of safeguarding nature, the power of gratitude, and the importance of nurturing a sense of wonder.

In essence, Kent Sheer’s message resonates with timeless wisdom: seize the essence of life’s lessons and truths in the vigor of youth, rather than deferring their understanding to a distant future.

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