Cultivating Harmony: The Spiritual Essence of Transcendent Farming. Narayan

Explore the spiritual connection in agriculture with Narayan, a Nepalese farmer. His humble upbringing instilled a deep respect for the land and a holistic view of farming. As a farm management instructor, he empowers farmers, especially immigrants, to tackle challenges like climate change. Join the conversation on how farmers can lead climate action and make a real impact.



In this discussion with Narayan, a farmer rooted in Nepal, uncover the spiritual connection inherent in farming. Narayan’s upbringing in a humble Nepalese family instilled a deep respect for the land, where every element – soil, fire, water, air, and space – played a vital role in their agricultural practices. The harmony with nature, from feeding animals to composting waste, reflects a holistic approach that transcends mere agricultural methods.


Narayan’s role as an instructor in farm business management extends beyond traditional education. He engages directly with farmers, especially immigrant farmers, bridging diverse agricultural practices and knowledge. His aim is to empower these farmers, integrating them into the larger farming community to address challenges like climate change.


The conversation touches on the challenges faced by immigrant farmers, the need for trust-building in accessing resources, and the potential for climate-smart agriculture. Narayan emphasizes the importance of farmers leading climate action, leveraging their practical knowledge to bring real change.

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