Cultivating Success: Join Emily Krekelberg’s Insightful Journey through Farm Safety, Livestock Education, and Mental Health Advocacy

Emily Krekelberg, a seasoned Extension Educator at the University of Minnesota, specializes in Farm Safety and Health with nearly a decade of experience. She has a diverse background in Livestock Production Systems and has made notable contributions to dairy and beef work. Emily engages with the agricultural community through workshops, consultations, and local committees. She also serves as the Director of the Rural Stress Task Force and co-hosts the podcast "The Moos Room." Her passion lies in dairy farming, livestock production, farm safety, and mental health advocacy.




Transcript Excerpt:

Alright. Well, today, I have with me Emily Krekelberg, who is an extension educator with farm safety and health at the University of Minnesota. She is dedicated to supporting farmers through education, networking, and communication, and she’s been with the university for about 9 and a half years. A variety of positions ranging from being an extension educator within the livestock production systems within Stearns, Benton, and Morris County.

Reno: And her concentration there was primarily dairy production with beef work as well. She worked with education and outreach to area farmers, including offering workshops and tours, evaluation and consultation work, serving on local agricultural committees, and communications work, including articles, radio, and social media. Previously, Emily served as the director of the farm of the rural stress task force, which worked to provide streamlined access to educational programs and resources related to stress and mental health issues in rural Minnesota. And as a fellow podcaster, Emily cohosts a show called The Moo’s Room, which is a cattle focused podcast discussing relevant topics to help Minnesota beef and dairy producers be more successful. If it wasn’t apparent from the introduction, I’m currently in the presence of someone who’s clearly very passionate about dairy farming, livestock production, farm safety, and health, and mental health. So welcome, Emily thank you for being.

Emily Krekelberg: Thank you so much for having me. I you made me sound very impressive about it. You know, sometimes a little surreal to hear, you know, people kind of say back to you the things you’ve done. And, yeah, 9 and a half years. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but it’s exciting how much I’ve been able to do in that period of time and I’m really excited to be on your podcast here with you 

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