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Hops, Food Policy, and Taking Care of Yourself with Eric Sannerud

Join Transcendent Farmer host Emily Reno and guest Eric Sannerud for an engaging discussion about creating efficiencies in technical assistance service delivery, addressing economic disparities in the food system, considerations that farmers should keep in mind when growing hops, building business models that aren’t extractive, and building your business with your target customers alongside you. If you’re curious to learn more about GrownBy, a service that can help you reach customers faster, and the role that online sales can play in your business model, then you won’t want to miss this episode.



Transcript Excerpt:

You are listening to the Transcendent Farmer Podcast with Emily Reno created to inspire and empower the next generation of land stewards.


All right. I’m super excited to have you, join me today, Eric, and talk a little bit more about some of your experiences, sort of in the farming space and sort of what you’ve learned, um, but just sort of some context and background for our audience. So, Eric Sandro, he is the national co-op organizing lead.


Farm Generation Cooperative, the farmer-owned cooperative online marketplace. Eric currently serves on various state and community organization boards and is a TEDx speaker, his TED Talk. Without farmers, you’d be hungry, naked, and sober. Has over 2 million views. And he currently farms outside of Milaca, Minnesota with his wife and many, many animals.


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