30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 2

Today’s Task: Allow someone to cook a meal for you Isn’t it the best when you don’t have to cook a meal? And even better when someone cooks a meal for you in their own home? That’s what I got to experience today, and it was quite lovely. I had the pleasure and fortune to […]

Reflecting on the West Central Minnesota Regional Food Tour

I had a weird thought as I was trying to fall asleep the other day. If I had to die, tonight would be the perfect day for it.  This is what it must feel like to die happy. To feel so completely fulfilled by your life and the people in it and the way you […]

The 60-day financial fitness challenge is about to begin…

Day 0: The Context & The Challenge The Context: I think that readers will be able to truly appreciate and empathize with where I’m at. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this, but have to admit that four months after leaving my full-time job to pursue consulting – and my offerings through Mezclada! – I’ve […]

A magical summer farm weekend

I had the opportunity to participate, and plan, a Farm Buds trip at the beginning of August. For a couple of years, this initiative has taken place informally, in the spare time of a now good friend, Matt Barthelemy. It’s really a pretty cool setup. Folks from the Cities and locals come to a farm […]

Aligned Farm Design Applications Open Soon