30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 2

Today’s Task: Allow someone to cook a meal for you

Isn’t it the best when you don’t have to cook a meal? And even better when someone cooks a meal for you in their own home?

That’s what I got to experience today, and it was quite lovely. I had the pleasure and fortune to have not just one, but TWO meals made for me. Breakfast – eggs, sausage, and chocolate chai. Dinner – ribs, a salad I made from fresh greens harvested from Lida Farm, and a glass of wine. Simple, yet delicious.

Cooking to me relates directly to nourishment and rest because 1) You are what you eat and 2) The energy that goes into the preparation of a meal determines the outcome.

I know this from many experiences of making dishes with attention to the details – the seasonings, the order of which vegetables get cooked first, whether there’s salt added to your cooking liquid, tasting along the way, ensuring a variety of textures or balance of salt, fat, acid, and heat. The meals that turned out the best were the ones where I was paying attention to what I was doing and cared about the end result.

I’ll admit, too many meals I’ve made in the last year or so have been eaten alone, but I’m working to change that as I meet new people and have an abundance of fresh produce in my fridge and pantry I need to use before it goes bad. Any excuse to cook with others I will hop on. But having someone else cook for you…that’s a whole other ball game.

So here’s the challenge – ask or suggest the idea to someone, and see what happens. You may be surprised by the result!

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