Nos Vemos En México

El Jardin Restaurante y Vivero

Una de las cosas que más me gusta de viajar por todo el mundo es conocer a gente nueva. Si sea en el aeropuerto, a través de clases de baile, un paseo en el autobús…estoy empezando a creer que el universo nos trae no necesariamente lo que queremos, sino lo que necesitamos. Y qué bueno […]

7 Questions I Ask Myself Every Time I’m Evaluating a Grant Application

Note: This is the first post in a series that’s dedicated to sharing information with farmers and food systems professionals that are working to access capital through grant applications. As someone who treated writing scholarship essays as a part-time job throughout college to pay for school, and graduated with ZERO student loans, in retrospect I […]

Adventures in India: Week 1

One of the coolest things about working remotely is that you can visit amazing places across the world. All you need to do is make sure you have internet access. In the coming four weeks I’ll be operating from Rishikesh, India, a remote town on the northernmost outskirts of the country. Quite close to Nepal, […]

30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 30!

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the challenge! Today’s Task: Reflect & Project (AKA take stock and set your sights on what’s to come) Today was the most magical day ever. It was the first weekend after the growing season that I didn’t have a full Sunday dedicated to working outside, plus two […]

30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 29

Today’s Task: Dance with a stranger! I think I’ve been touched by more people in the last three days than I have in the last three years. And I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 Things you don’t anticipate you’ll ever write. And yet here I am, glowing in the joy of post-dance festival fever. If you’ve […]

30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 28

Today’s Task: Spend time with an elder I was reflecting today while helping an older woman do her grocery shopping today on why I enjoy spending so much time with older people. There’s a lovely slowness that’s required when you spend time with them. Things just don’t move at the same pace. And when you’re […]

30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 22

Today’s Task: Take Care of Your Energy First Holy cow. So much time has passed since I last posted, and I feel so energized to be writing again. I feel like sometimes it’s a balance of taking information in, processing, taking a break, and coming back to it. Today’s task is to take care of […]

30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 17

Today’s Task: Get Over Your Imperfection Most people may not realize this, but your own perfectionism can be one of the biggest things leading to your day-to-day exhaustion. Perfectionism is something I’ve been working on a lot over the last several years. My upbringing lent itself to holding myself to very high standards. Standards that […]

30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 16

Today’s Task: Mix Up Your Morning Routine You know how when you travel you feel like you get to start over when it comes to your morning? Erase all pressures to stick to your normal routine, and prioritize the things that light you up. Why is it that we wait to be in a different […]

30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 15

Today’s Task: Prioritize YOU You didn’t think I forgot about the challenge, did you? No. In fact, I’ve been taking the last several days to prioritize rest, fitness, and family. I’ve decided that through the end of the challenge, I’ll be taking weekends off from writing, as it’s counterproductive to the values and ethos behind […]

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