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Megan Gladbach Memorial Scholarship

The Megan Gladbach Memorial Scholarship is a competitive scholarship that is available to students of our online courses in honor of Megan Gladbach, who died in a fatal car crash on May 29th, 2022 when hit by a drunk driver.

Students who receive this scholarship embody Megan’s qualities of environmental stewardship, humility, passion, and humanism. They uphold the high standards that she set in the way that she showed up in the world and inspired others to do better. 

To contribute to the scholarship fund, please email with the subject line “Megan Gladbach Memorial Scholarship Contribution”.

How to apply:

Please submit your scholarship application by the application deadline – October 25th.

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About Megan (April 29, 1994 - May 29, 2022)

Courtesy of the Gladbach family, and the original author, Megan’s mother, Joan

If you have met Megan, you knew Megan. It is as simple as that. She was real. No artifice or deceit. She did not do things because it was cool or because others were doing it. She did things because it was the right thing to do, for others, for the animals, for the planet. She was acceptance, grace, and love. She was music and light. She was a message of hope and peace in a world that so desperately needs both.

Early in life, Megan was very shy. Perhaps even a bit fearful.  In preschool, she would hide under the table during circle time. In grade school, if you called out her name on the soccer field, she would stop in her tracks.  She hated attention and avoided it at almost every turn. Then she found her guitar. She started lessons in fourth grade and by freshman year of high school, her instructor basically said he had no more to teach her.  In middle school, Liz and Megan started playing and singing together. Their first show was at an art exhibit on First Fridays where her art teacher was showing her work…and her last show, well, she is probably rocking in heaven.

Music was a part of Megan’s soul. She played with her best friends through high school in barns, at friend’s homes, and at bars where she was too young to drink. Later, when she moved out of town, she always looked for people to jam with and made so many deep and lasting friendships because of her passion for music.

Megan’s other passion was the environment.  She was a messenger to all of us about the importance of preserving nature, caring for the animals, caring for mother earth.  At Johnson County Community College, she was very active in her work with the Sustainability Club and in researching permaculture as a way to preserve our planet. She put in an edible forest on the grounds of JCCC as a contribution to the school. She presented papers in Portland, Oregon and St. Petersburg, Russia on these topics and pursued them passionately throughout college and her career.

She continued her education at Prescott College in Arizona, where she found so many souls like her own. She was able to live with a family in Mexico while working at the Kino Bay Center for Environmental Studies, attended an international conference on sustainability in Germany, and she was able to work with the EPA in Denver. 

Megan fought for the rights of all people – no matter what. All people.  Everywhere. Her friends came from all walks of life, all types of backgrounds, ages, orientations, beliefs.  She was universally accepting and loving. One of Megan’s most influential experiences came from traveling to the land of the Massai in Africa to do her part to preserve their culture and language.

Megan was always looking ahead to the world that she thought was possible and worked tirelessly to make changes in whatever corner of it she was in. 

For her family, she helped us become stewards of the environment, nature lovers, and partial vegetarians. And dog lovers.  We can’t leave out the dogs. Megan was her brother’s best friend and confidant, her dad’s little rocker girl and her mom’s center and peace. Her large and extended family, friends and co-workers will miss her smile and peaceful presence in their lives.