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Few resources are available to budding farmers that ground them in the personal practices and mindset shifts that will allow them to build a business nimble enough to respond to a constantly changing food industry.

At a time when the need for more responsive, adaptable business leaders is at an all-time high, and existing farmer training programs are designed around old systems of agricultural production, a new approach is needed to ensure that the next generation of growers doesn’t fall into the same trap of government subsidies, consolidated supply chains, and overwhelming grant and loan applications. Rather than focusing on building skills such as creating a business plan or a marketing strategy, we want to support farmers in releasing limiting beliefs and equip them with the mental agility and daily habits that will allow them to navigate any obstacle, no matter the scale or geography of their operation.

The world needs you to succeed. Our well-being depends on it.

Mezclada is committed to bridging the divide between personal development and farming by empowering people to see the abundance in their own lives, celebrate both the past and future of their culinary and cultural heritage, and stand in the power they have to be the architects of their future.


The tools, strategies, and mindset that will open the doors to farm profitability, personal well-being, and connection.

This isn't traditional farmer training or technical assistance.

This is deep self work and inspiration on tap.

What’s the relationship between your identity and your business? Pretty much everything. But what does it look like to have these two integrated with each other so that you feel whole in everything you do?

Farming can be one of the most strenuous jobs out there. And the most mentally taxing. It’s no wonder suicide rates of farmers are so high. What does it look like to treat not only your body but your mind with all the self-love it deserves?

Of all the holistic practices out there, such as biodynamic farming and no-till, what will work best for you? And what does it look like in practice?

How does the food we eat influence our culture and vice versa? How as a farmer are you shaping the future of food culture? What is your responsibility to your ancestors look like as a land steward? And what role does spirituality play in your business plan?

What does it look like to integrate the arts and creativity into viable revenue streams? To tap into your intuition when making key business decisions?

Learn more about Aligned Farm Design, our 12-week program designed to help you build a farm business that will be both personally AND financially sustainable. Applications for our next course in ENGLISH open again April 2024. 

From project management to facilitation to grant writing to marketing and branding, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore what a partnership would look like today to make our food system more equitable and accessible for all.

Commit 60 days to your personal growth so you can position yourself for farm ownership. 

The team

Emily Reno

Founder, Mezclada

Hi there. My name is Emily Reno, and I am the founder of Mezclada (mehs-klah-dah), which means ‘mixed’ in Spanish. I am a second generation Mexican-American, a Lawrence, Kansas native, and hopefully your future partner in crime. Having spent much of my younger years working in various segments of the food system as a waitress, in housekeeping, on farms, and in agricultural research, I’ve witnessed first-hand why the systems around us don’t work. I’m a generalist with a knack for seeing connections and helping those around me envision a brighter future. I’m so excited you’re here!

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