Reflecting on the West Central Minnesota Regional Food Tour

I had a weird thought as I was trying to fall asleep the other day. If I had to die, tonight would be the perfect day for it.  This is what it must feel like to die happy. To feel so completely fulfilled by your life and the people in it and the way you […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 60!

Today’s task:  Take stock of how far you’ve come and celebrate! At long last! You made it to the 60th day of the 60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge! You should be incredibly proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished in the last two months, and all that you will accomplish in the coming days, […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 59

Today’s task: Don’t confuse money with actual wealth Listening to a video from Alan Watts today was a great reminder that money is not true wealth.  It seems so contradictory, but to me wealth comes in the form of freedom and choice.  Money can often be the medium through which freedom and choice becomes available […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 58

Today’s task: Evaluate your financial goals with the lens of impact instead of ego One of the takeaways that I had from a recent video from B School was this idea that the people who tend to have the most success in their work/life are those who have placed their customers or those they serve […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 57

Today’s Task: Audit your financial personality I feel like there’s probably a lot of quizzes out there that put people into some kind of prototype regarding their finances. Are they a ‘super saver’, a ‘thrifty shopper’, or the ‘live in the moment’ kind of spender? As I was summarizing my takeaways from a Joe Dispenza […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 56

Today’s task: Ask an expert for help. At the end of a call a couple months ago with my CPA, I was told that I needed a better system for keeping track of my finances for my business. My heart sank as I realized that what I had been doing wasn’t very helpful for my […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 55

Today’s task: Take a dip in the pool. Get your feet wet. Take on something that you think is beyond your current skill level. Today’s task has to do with stepping outside of your comfort zone. I feel like in many ways I’m both a good and terrible role model when it comes to this. […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 54

Today’s task: Take responsibility for your actions and mistakes Sometimes spontaneous decisions don’t always result in the way that you want to. Yes, the adventure might be there, but you might also be stuck with the financial consequences of your decision. I received an email yesterday that was kind of a bummer. I thought that […]

60-Day Financial Fitness Challenge: Day 53

Today’s task: Audit your most financially challenging experiences.  I had the privilege of getting to take a few breathwork classes while I was in Santa Teresa. I even interviewed the teacher for The Transcendent Farmer podcast (coming soon, I promise!), which was an awesome way to dive deep into his journey into breathwork and the […]