Cultivating Harmony: The Spiritual Essence of Transcendent Farming. Narayan

Explore the spiritual connection in agriculture with Narayan, a Nepalese farmer. His humble upbringing instilled a deep respect for the land and a holistic view of farming. As a farm management instructor, he empowers farmers, especially immigrants, to tackle challenges like climate change. Join the conversation on how farmers can lead climate action and make a real impact.

Grasp life’s essence in youth rather than waiting, with Kent Sheer

Join Emily Reno and Kent Sheer, of Green Island Preserve, for an engaging conversation around rural living, making a living off of your farm when not located near an urban area, his involvement with research on back-to-the-landers in the 70s (as one himself!) and tips for finding access to land in rural places you might not have thought of.

Cultivating Success: Join Emily Krekelberg’s Insightful Journey through Farm Safety, Livestock Education, and Mental Health Advocacy

Emily Krekelberg, a seasoned Extension Educator at the University of Minnesota, specializes in Farm Safety and Health with nearly a decade of experience. She has a diverse background in Livestock Production Systems and has made notable contributions to dairy and beef work. Emily engages with the agricultural community through workshops, consultations, and local committees. She also serves as the Director of the Rural Stress Task Force and co-hosts the podcast “The Moos Room.” Her passion lies in dairy farming, livestock production, farm safety, and mental health advocacy.

Hops, Food Policy, and Taking Care of Yourself with Eric Sannerud

First Podcast

Join Transcendent Farmer host Emily Reno and guest Eric Sannerud for an engaging discussion about creating efficiencies in technical assistance service delivery, addressing economic disparities in the food system, considerations that farmers should keep in mind when growing hops, building business models that aren’t extractive, and building your business with your target customers alongside you. If you’re curious to learn more about GrownBy, a service that can help you reach customers faster, and the role that online sales can play in your business model, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

Aligned Farm Design Applications Open Soon