30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 6

Today’s Task: Experiment With Your Intuition

I’m feeling so inspired by a couple of interviews I’ve listened to in the last 24 hours. One I listened to yesterday, the other I listened to this evening on my drive home from Pelican Rapids. And I just feel this tingly energy in my body and in the air.

There’s a few themes that really stand out from both of these interviews. The first one linked below is between two women, and the other between two men. They both cover very different topics, in two different languages. Azul and Bea talk about spirit and connection to nature and literally how to talk to plants, and Price and Lewis discuss this idea of making decisions in business and how to grow exponentially.

When I think about what I want to build in my own business, these two videos capture all of it – the practical and the spiritual. The pragmatic and the whimsical. The unexplainable. I freakin love it.

And the anticipation and excitement I feel in my body just when processing what their application would mean for my life is the same kind of feeling that I want to have when I call in that next opportunity in my professional career. I want to feel alive and supported and valued for what I have to bring – and I want the work to feel joyful and not like work at all.

In the short amount of time that I’ve listened to hours upon hours of content from To Be Magnetic about their neural manifestation process, they talk about how feelings are the language of the subconscious. It’s a vibration that we create within our subconscious that either allows or pushes away that which we desire.

And it’s only until we’ve gotten to a level of feeling inherently deserving or worthy of that thing that we’ll have any luck in getting it, or holding it in our lives.

I absolutely LOVED what Azul had to say about the definition of the word ‘human’ – “de la tierra” – from the earth. We are literally made of atoms that are born from the soil.

And we wonder why as a human species we have so many people in ill health…how are we treating our soils? What are we doing to care for physical environment that holds us?

The same sentiment extends to our daily health and what we fill our bodies with. And the energy that’s carried in that food. How was the food raised? Under what conditions? Even in the act of eating…are we rushing our way through or are we savoring each bite? Are we sitting down, in a vehicle, walking? Multitasking?

I remember a long time ago when I was still in grad school going through a free, online mindful eating challenge where you would receive an email each day for a week that had a short video walking you through a mindful eating exercise. You’d notice which side of your mouth you tend to store food on, if you chew a lot before swallowing. How deep your breaths are. At the time, I was really struggling with stress eating (and still do a fair amount…I’m working on it) and felt like I needed a reset. I think that if I had done it for longer, it could have had some impressive long-term results.

But the idea of today’s post is really to focus on experimenting with your intuition. Breathe. Notice in conversation the subtle cues your body gives you…

I’ve started to get a lot better distinguishing between when a gust of air causes me chills and when my body is actually communicating with me. Or when I feel a tightness in my stomach high up or lower in my belly. I pay attention to which sides of my body I’m experiencing pain in. And then I start to investigate how those might be connected to chakras, or emotional imbalances.

Are bodies are so freakin intelligent it’s insane. I recently met someone who told me they had done advanced training with Joe Dispenza and has experience with the HeartMath Institute. I remember hearing in one of Martha Higareda’s interviews a while back this statistic about our heart’s ability to pick up on things a lot faster than our other senses or something crazy like that. Kind of like a 6th sense. But it’s literally this organ in our body that is telling us these messages. “Danger!” Or “You can trust that!”. It’s so wild. You’ll even see if you visit the HeartMath Institute’s website, their promotional video talks about intuition within the first 20 seconds.


There is no such thing.

Try an experiment today. And see where it goes. Listen to your body. It has a message for you, whether you know it or not.

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