Día 7 del Reto de 30 Días de Descanso Radical

Today’s Task: Cancel your plans. And make new ones.

I woke up feeling a bit feverish, and decided to take the afternoon off of work. The plan was to go to Pelican Rapids and attend a high school football game.

But as the morning wore on, and the cold medicine I took felt like it wasn’t working fast enough…and as a late morning latte filled me with jitters, I just didn’t think it would be a good idea to sit outside as the temperature dropped and be surrounded by a cheering stadium. My immune system was pretty much at it’s edge.

So I changed my plans.

Sometimes that’s the most restful thing you can do. And it wasn’t just THIS plan that changed. It meant that I wouldn’t get to spend the evening at a good friend’s house and then wake up and make it to a community festival the next day, make breakfast for her and her husband.

Prioritizing my rest caused a ripple effect that affected more people than just me. And that can be one of the most challenging things about all of this – when you put yourself first, those around you are necessarily going to have to respond – whether it’s for good or ill health.

Depending on how often you’ve had to do this, you may or may not get emotionally wrapped up in your decision to change your plans, and the ensuing ripple effect it creates.

But here’s the thing – as much as we’d like to think that we’re in control, there’s a much bigger pattern of life out there that’s guiding us in the right direction.

Apparently I wasn’t supposed to go to that football game, and instead stay home, stumble across some live music and dance spontaneously with the crowd, eat a warm bowl of pozole, and wake up the next morning to a beautiful human. 🙂

The universe will take you to the places you belong. Whether you choose to enjoy the process or not is up to you.

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