30-Day Radical Rest Challenge: Day 16

Today’s Task: Mix Up Your Morning Routine

You know how when you travel you feel like you get to start over when it comes to your morning? Erase all pressures to stick to your normal routine, and prioritize the things that light you up.

Why is it that we wait to be in a different place to make our morning routine something we look forward to?

Today I started my day in a way that I’d love to every day. I encourage you to do the same, maybe tomorrow, since by the time you read this you’re likely to already have begun your day.

Slowness is a quality I absolutely revel in the mornings. Having plenty of time to enjoy writing, reading, and meditation, then doing something physical to get my body moving, drinking a big cup of water, then taking my time to get settled into the day with a hot cup of something and hopping into work feeling refreshed and at peace.

Ideally, I’d carve out an hour of work on things for Mezclada before I start on any of my consulting projects for clients. Something creative that gets the juices flowing.

Today got to be one of those days. And I cannot tell you how important a good night’s sleep is to making your morning incredible.

Your Journal Prompts for Today:

What does your perfect morning look like? Where do you wake up? What kinds of scents (if any) are in the air? Is someone next to you? Does a pet jump up and join you in bed? Do you take your pet for a walk? Do you pull a tarot or oracle card for some guidance in the day? What do you see out your window?

What kind of messages do you see in your inbox when you pull up your computer? Are they thank-you notes from clients? Meaningful messages from a pen pal? Funding opportunities you can pursue? Invitations to present and speak at conferences?

One of my favorites is Wondermind. I often skim for things that are of interest. I think the section of the newsletter I like best is the top, where they give you a suggestion of something to try, a question to ponder, and then a tip of something to keep in mind related to mindfulness/mental health. Their interviews are brilliant and I love that they interview people who are semi-famous/famous to help reduce the stigma around mental health. I subscribed at first for market research – their whole webpage is brilliantly designed – and I still study the design of their newsletter as inspiration, but I’ve started paying attention to their content more over time. Highly recommend!

Anyways – remember that you have the power to curate your world. Everything from the content you consume to the way you start your day. You are the only one responsible for creating that reality. No one is going to do it for you. So stop waiting for a vacation to make it happen. 🙂

Inspiring Video of the Week:

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